White Paper and a Black Box (2020) at the graduation exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. 
image: Studio de Boer & de Vet
White Paper and a Black Box (2019-2020)

Imagine a conflict that is undeclared yet politically tangible. The structure and material remain unknown until it manifests. No human beings are injured and the enemy is not yet certain.

Throughout the past couple of years, Northern Norwegian territory has become the decor of shadow boxing, avoiding any direct engagement, between the East and the West. In Norway, as a NATO country and US ally, symbolic violence has increased through data jamming attacks on both military and security systems. According to RNTFND, “Norway can pass South Korea as the country most affected by deliberate jamming from the neighbour.” The abstraction of this contemporary battlefield, leaves room for mis- and disinformation and alternative truths which influence both personal and political standpoints throughout both the East and the West.

The two main information channels reporting on this conflict are ‘white papers’ and the media, or the ‘black box’. Although these channels seem paradoxical, they both project a present conflict happening on a landscape absent of physical violence; the Norwegian Arctic.

The framed prints are for sale!
Details: 50x40 cm, Archival mat print, custom made frames, no glass. 

For more information feel free to send an email to kirstenbosma@gmail.com  
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